Having compassion for homeless women makes serving best for Divine Rest. The Founder, Georgette Jackson has a passion to serve. Her compassion to love homeless women unconditionally is remarkable. 

 She demonstrates great compassion and love for all people and is a strong believer in treating others as she wants to be treated. Next to her love for God, she loves and enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends! She possesses great leadership skills with the heart of a servant. She spent several years dedicating her time to cook and serve a hot breakfast every Sunday morning before service for the men of the Old Savannah City Mission and anyone else who wanted a hot meal.  
She presently works full time at ReMax Savannah as a receptionist She has been featured on the front page of our local newspaper, The Savannah Morning News for her dedication to the homeless and has been interviewed on several occasions by WSAV for Divine Rest's monthly visits to the homeless camps. She has also been a guest on the Sanctuary of Savannah's local TV program, Red Letter TV. Georgette was a guest on WSAV The Bridge as the first guest to kick off their Human Kindness week and was just recently a guest on Mid-Morning Live. 

Divine Rest, Inc. is an outstanding non profit. There is more to come!   


Divine Rest, Inc. could not have done this mission alone. With unity, we were able to provide homeless women with the necessary tools to enhance their quality of life. The help of our board members, sponsors and community workers have been a blessing to us. With any great work, it takes unity. With everyone seeing the vision and grabbing a hold of it with action, is powerful. It definitely, "takes a village." We are blessed to have some amazing board members Jennifer Waldburg (Chairman), Debbie Kennedy (Secretary), Patricia Sue Brown (Treasurer), Priscilla Waldburg (PR), Adriana Alvarez, Jessica Wilhite, Augustine Ozobia, Jesse Santamarina Kay, and Kim Richards. With tons of community support and sponsors, Divine Rest, Inc. is able to display pure unity. 

Serving Others

 "Hope for a Home" is here to provide housing for single homeless women. Our Mission: To Empower, Encourage and Equip single homeless women with the necessary tools to enhance their quality of life. 

We believe in serving others. It's what we enjoy doing. We enjoy providing service to single homeless women. Serving is our passion. Seeing the women smiles is what brightens our day. To know that we have helped another person, is what we love to see. 

Grandmother helps homeless find rest

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A weary Robbie Mills lived in a homeless camp under the Truman Parkway overpass at President’s Street for five months. Then he found Divine Rest.

Mills, a native of Ludowici, had lived a hard life.

He had been in and out of prison six times. When he was released in June 2013, he no longer had any living relatives to take him in. So Mills wandered until he found a homeless camp on the edge of downtown Savannah.

Each day he would trek into town for meals at local soup kitchens and services at local charities, then make his way back to camp past the evening rush of island area commuters.

Mills existed on the outskirts of society for five long hot months. He was free but bound by his troubled past and circumstances. He was surrounded by people but empty and alone.

Then one day some church ladies showed up in stifling heat to hand out bottled water.

“They walked up to me under the Truman Parkway Bridge with a bottle of water,” said Mills. “There was something special about them. They weren’t just nice people out to do something good. It was like they had all this love to share, and since I met them my life has completely turned around.

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