Become a Sponsor

Your donations and support are very important to Divine Rest and it's mission. Without the generosity of individuals as yourself and local businesses, Divine Rest, Inc. would not be able to provide services to the homeless community.  Because of your support we have been able to keep our "Neighbors" hydrated during the summer months and warm during the winter months.


Annual Gala


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Tent City in Savannah, Georgia

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The Water Project


Water is a valuable commodity in which it is not easy accessible to our Neighbors, so our job is to supply them with this much needed substance. Once a month on a Saturday, we along with our partners go into the homeless camps to deliver bottled water to our "Neighbors". With the hot scorching summer months, we want to make sure the residents of "Tent City" remain hydrated.

A Home

Your monetary donations are aiding in helping us to secure funding for our "Hope for a Home" Project which will enable us to purchase a home to provide a safe, stable environment for single homeless women.  We appreciate your past donations and would appreciate your continued support to help make this dream come to fruition.